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A short video portrait I made for Kindah Khalidy's collaboration with the retail in crafts giant Joann Fabrics. Kindah Khalidy is a very prominent Bay Area Painter. 

My role in this project was to film, audio record, and edit a draft portrait for the people at Joann to finalize for their artist highlight project. The video was then played on loop within their new retail stores. 

A short video I made for one of Kindah Khalidy's collaborations with the world's original skateboard shoe company, Vans Off The Wall. 

My role in this project was to produce the entire video with Kindah's choice of song, Tick of the Clock by The Chromatic. The video was then played on Van's social media platforms in as part of their artist program. During the pandemic of 2020, Vans wanted to highlight some of the artists they partner with in order to show inspiring ways to be creative while staying at home.  

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